• Q: What is this Excel spreadsheet for?
  • A: You don’t have to use this spreadsheet, it only exists to make the process of adding multiple CDs at the same time to the database easier, for example if you’re adding 25 CDs on the “burned and waiting to be added to the CD booklets” spindle.
  • Q: How else can I add CDs to the database if not with this excel spreadsheet?
  • A: Go to the KALX Live CD Recording List database in the KALX Live Yahoo Group and add the CD(s) by clicking the Add Record link : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kalxlive/database?method=reportRows&tbl=3
  • Q : Once I’ve added the new CDs to the Excel spreadsheet, how do I import them into the “KALX Live CD Recording List” database in Yahoo Groups.
  • A :
    1. Make sure you’re viewing the other worksheet with the CDs that you’ve added (not this page of instructions) You can do this by clicking the worksheet tab at the bottom left in Excel called “KALX Live CD Recording Template”.
    2. Go to the “File?” menu in Excel and choose “Save As?”
    3. In the “Save as type :” drop-down box, scroll down and choose “CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv)”. *# Save the file somewhere that you can find it easily, like on the desktop. *# In your browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) browse to the “KALX Live CD Recording List” database in the KALX Live Yahoo Group : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kalxlive/database?method=reportRows&tbl=3
    4. Click the “Import Records” link on the page
    5. Find the “.csv” file you saved in step 4 and open in a text editor. On Mac, control click the file and choose “Open with TextEdit”. Within text edit, select all of the text by hitting Apple-A and then copy all of the text by hitting Apple-C. On PC, open notepad, by going to Start… Programs… Accessories… Notepad. Drag the “.csv” file from where you saved it into notepad. Select all of the text by hitting Control-A and copy all of the text by hitting Control-C. *# Go to your browser to the “Import Records” page on the KALX Live Yahoo group, and paste what you’ve copied into the textbox by clicking in the textbox and hitting Apple-P or Control-P for Mac or PC respectively.
    6. Click “Preview Import”. If it looks good, click “Import Data”
  • Q: What should the records look like that I’m inputting?
  • A: Here are some example records :
Artist Location Date Length Notes Super Archive
Axolotl KALX Live Studios 09/30/06 12:21 Yes  
Bart Davenport KALX Live Studios 02/28/03 24:18    
Bolivar Zoar KALX Live Studios 07/07/07 29:32 Women Hold up Half the Sky