1. Copy the contents of all of the floppy disks into a single directory, overwriting the DISK.ID files as you go.
    • e.g. D:\GeoWorks Install Dir\
  2. Launch DosBox
  3. Mount the directory that you copied all of the files into as C:
    mount C "D:\GeoWorks Install Dir"
  4. Go to C: and run the INSTALL.EXE
  5. Complete the install process
  6. Now you have a new directory with GeoWorks installed within your source directory which you can move to whatever final location you want it to reside in
    • e.g. D:\GeoWorks Install Dir\GEOS20
    • You can at this point copy D:\GeoWorks Install Dir\GEOS20 to some other location like D:\DosBox\root\GEOS20
  7. Now you can launch GeoWorks by mounting C as you normally would
    mount C "D:\DosBox\root"
    CD GEOS20


  1. Edit the file : GEOS20\GEOS.INI
  2. Within the “[system]” section of the ini file :
    1. change continueSetup to false
      continueSetup = false
    2. add or change the fs to “os2.geo”
      fs = os2.geo
  3. The beginning of your GEOS.INI should look something like this :
    continueSetup = false
    SerialNumber = 1234-5678-9012-3456
    setupMode = 0
    fs = os2.geo