Here’s how to configure gedit on a Windows system to save your tabs (much like Firefox can save tabs from your session and re-launch them each time you start the app.

Gedit comes with a plugin called “Session saver” which doesn’t appear to work

  1. Download gedit. Best to grab a win32 binary
  2. Install it
  3. Download the reopen-tabs-gedit-plugin
  4. Extract the contents of the .tar.gz file using an appropriate extractor like 7-zip
  5. Move the contents of the .tar.gz file to the “C:\Program Files\gedit\lib\gedit-2\plugins" directory
    • This consists of a directory called “reopen-tabs” and a file called “reopen-tabs.gedit-plugin”
    • After moving the files you should have these
      C:\Program Files\gedit\lib\gedit-2\plugins\reopen-tabs.gedit-plugin
      C:\Program Files\gedit\lib\gedit-2\plugins\reopen-tabs\
  6. Due to differences between Linux and Windows we have to change one thing. Create a directory for the plugin configuration.
    • The directory name is “C:\Documents and Settings\myusername.gnome2\gedit\plugins\reopen-tabs” where “myusername” is your user name
    • You can easily create this directory by running this command :
      mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\.gnome2\gedit\plugins\reopen-tabs"
  7. Copy the plugin.conf file from the “reopen-tabs” directory you just installed over to the new directory you’ve created
    • Here’s a command to do this copy :
      copy "%ProgramFiles%\gedit\lib\gedit-2\plugins\reopen-tabs\plugin.conf" "%USERPROFILE%\.gnome2\gedit\plugins\reopen-tabs"
  8. Run gedit
  9. Go to the “Edit” menu and click “Preferences”
  10. Under the “Plugins” tab find “Reopen Tabs” and check it.
  11. You can click “Configure Plugin” to set whether you want to be prompted to save your tabs or not when existing gedit.
  12. Click close