As of Nov 2012, godaddy SSH servers are running Centos 5.5 i386.

Fetch the binaries

cd ~
mkdir git
cd git
# Download the rpm from EPEL ( )
# Extract binaries from the rpm
rpm2cpio git-  | cpio -imdv
rm git-


echo "export GIT_BIN=\${HOME}/git" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "export PATH=\${GIT_BIN}/usr/bin:\${PATH}" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "export GIT_EXEC_PATH=\${GIT_BIN}/usr/bin" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "export GIT_TEMPLATE_DIR=\${GIT_BIN}/usr/share/git-core/templates" >> ~/.bash_profile
echo "export GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true" >> ~/.bash_profile

Configure git

mkdir ~/.git
git config --local --add remote.origin.uploadpack ~/git/usr/bin/git-upload-pack
git config --local --add remote.origin.receivepack ~/git/usr/bin/git-receive-pack

Test it out

mkdir ~/test
cd ~/test
git clone

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