Feel free to leave notes here about things you notice that are broken or just not right about the new Cementhorizon.

It's about 2:20AM on Monday January 10th and I'm going to switch in the new server.

Here are the issues that I know about so far. I’ll be fixing these in the coming week.

Completed Tasks

  • Chuck-awstats hasn't been taking new data since 1/9
    • Jack fixed this by adding the cron job needed.
  • Establish proftpd accounts and groups so subsite users can log in and upload content over ftp
    • I’ve configured and tested ftp and it’s working, it authenticates against ftp users email username and email password.
  • create host based squirrelmail config differentiation for chuckbeat/cementhorizon/etc.
  • The addressbook and user preferences in webmail (squirrelmail) weren't working for chuckbeat/codemagenta/gentlemanburglar users. I've fixed that and they should be working now.
  • Jack's email seems to have the time's wrong on his messages. Is anyone else seeing their email with the wrong timestamps on their messages?

    : I’m going to assume this was an problem only with some of Jacks email.

  • Ilks can't subscribe to any of his mail folders... "ERROR : Could not complete request. Reason Given: Subscribe: Invalid mailbox name"

    : Fixed - this was due to having a folder on the old mail system called “INBOX” which conflicts with the reserved name “INBOX” on the new system. I moved/renamed your folders and it works now.

  • Can't upload attachments in squirrelmail
    • Fixed : a typo on my part in the squirrelmail config.
  • get sendmail users registered and working (STARTTLS)
    • TLS and AUTH is now configured on sendmail
  • I need to test photo uploading in Gallery since I don't have a clue if it works now.
  • The WebCalendar at is not working currently.
    • Jack fixed this
  • Fix white on white color problems on pages where text can't be read.


  • movabletype comments now have approval. looking into how this will work.

    I’ve notified all of the authors about the need for approving comments. I’m taking care of all of the spam currently.

  • create empty sieve files for all email users in /placenta/imap/sieve/u/user_name/defaultbc to fix lmtpunix[24990]: IOERROR: fstating sieve script

    I’ve created a script and used it to populate blank defaultbc files to all mail users


  • The Awstats instance (specifically) is disabled : I need to Re-enable awstats by integrating the cookie/user authentiaction check I added to into new user auth system


Movable Type

  • update security plugin templates in mt for kolonaki and chapters(cboutz) - republish their entries
  • get everyone to update their mt templates
  • Re-enable SmartyPants plugin

Email : Sendmail Cyrus Squirrelmail and Spamassasin

  • SpamAssasin is not yet installed so we’ll be getting more spam than ususal for the time being.
  • Migrate users .procmailrc files over into sieve (for automaticly moving spam into a bulk folder)
  • POP3 doesn’t seem to work
  • Fix rendering of CH logo on under Internet Explorer


  • mailman isn’t working : configure and test out mailman


  • phpbb2 doesn’t seem to be working

Eloise and photo galleries


  • get clio up and running {Brian Danny really misses Clio}
  • setup backups (backupninja and rdiff-backup) : this is waiting on me dumping the existing backups I have off of my 120gig drive onto DVD’s (thanks Aaron) so that I can start backing up the current system. Jack has said he’ll look into backups
  • Bring over any cron jobs that remain and are needed on the new server.
  • Build a user authentication system with LiveUser and a LiveUser Tutorial
  • Establish LDAP Shadow passowrd mirroring
  • Configure ACLs in LDAP to allow users to update their own passwords


  1. Why does Movable type look all wierd with everything left justified?
    • A : Your browser is using a cached CSS page. To fix this go to Once it’s loaded and looking wierd, hold down the shift key and click your reload button in your browser.
  2. Do i need to update my stylesheet in my Movable Type blog?
    • A : If you’re going to update your page templates to MT 3.x ( by cutting and pasting from the MT default templates page ) then, yes you’d also need to update your styles template. You can do so by getting one of the new MT default style templates and integrating it with your existing style customizations. I haven’t yet looked but hopefully the style tags in MT 3.x are backwards compatible with all of our 2.X tags (meaning, if you update your page templates but DON’T update your style template, everything will still pretty much work, though there may be cool new features that you wouldn’t be using).
  3. The comment-update block on the mainpage is doing that weird thing where the heading of one blog runs into the previous comment. Why?
    • A : This is a weakness in my code. This existed on the old site, but just rarely comes up. The problem is that I’m truncating the comments at a certain point so they fit nicely on the main page. If this truncation occurs in the middle of an html tag it screws up the html. I tried comming up with a trick to fix this but wasn’t successful. We’ll have to live with this for the time being. The other options is to strip out all the html so things like bold, italics and links don’t show up on the main page’s What’s New listing. If anyone has a preference I’m happy to do either, since I’ve already written it.
  4. Why does so-and-so’s weblog look all screwed up?
    • A : A likely reason is that they’ve updated their templates to MovableType 3.x templates, and your browser is using a cached version of their old style sheet template. An easy way to see if this is the problem, is go to the page that looks all screwed up, hold down the shift key and click your “Refresh” button in your browser. If that fixes it that was the problem, if it doesn’t then there’s actually something wrong with their site.