Cowon A2 FAQ

  • Q: How much does a replacement battery for the Cowon A2 cost?
  • A: 55$
  • Q: Does the Cowon A2 support playing back FLAC audio files?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: With the Cowon A2 what is the maximum bitrate that audio recording via the line-in input can be done at?
  • A: 192kbps
  • Q: Are there any plans to release a firmware update which allows for uncompressed, or losslessly compressed audio recording?
  • A: No
  • Q: Can I connect the "USB Host" plug on the Cowon A2 to an external USB hard drive? to my Sony A620 Camera?
  • A: yes but you can only extract from other devices. you cannot send data to an external device
  • Q: Is there only a 30 day warranty of the Cowon A2 or a 1 year warranty?
  • A: 1 year
  • Q: What is the time limit for a single continuous audio recording with the Cowon A2 when using the line-in input? The full 30GB of storage space? A smaller storage limit due to FAT32 filesystem constraints? A time based limit?
  • A: The limit is the total storage of the device. The A2 will rollover and create new files when it reaches the FAT32 limit.
  • Q: Can the Cowon A2 be used in the same way whether it is plugged into a power source or running on battery?
  • A: Yes
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