List of Cementhorizon Services

This is a list of the various Cementhorizon services. If you know me (Gene) you're welcome to sign up for any or all of these. Details on how to sign up for each can be found in each section

Email email addresses are available through our Google Apps account. These email accounts are hosted by Google, have currently around 6GB of storage, use either the excellent Google GMail web interface or traditional IMAP/POP3/SMTP. Also with a cementhorizon email account you're instantly connected to all other cementhorizon users through GTalk.


To access your cementhorizon email account go to

Request Access

To request a cementhorizon email address just email me with your preferred email address asking for one.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are provided using the Gallery software.


You can view the photo galleries at

To upload photos :

  1. Go to the album for the time period that the photos were taken in (for example Fall of 2007)
  2. Create yourself a new nested album by going to the "Album Actions" drop-down menu and choosing "New Nested Album"
  3. Give your album a name by going to the "Album Actions" drop-down menu in your new nested album and choosing "Rename Album"
  4. Give your album a title by going to the "Album Actions" drop-down menu and choosing "Properties" which will pop-up a window where you can enter the Album Title.
  5. Upload your photos by going to the "Album Actions" drop-down menu and choosing "Add Photos". From this pop-up window you can add photos through a web-form, an applet which you can drag and drop with, or other methods.

Request Access

To request access to the photo galleries to upload your photos, email me with your preferred username asking for an account.


Weblogs are provided using MovableType.


You can access the Movabletype interface at

Request Access

To request a new weblog, email me with the weblog name that you would like and your preferred username

Hosted Websites

We host several websites. These are served over our apache/php/mysql webserver. Files are uploaded with FTP using proftpd.


To upload your content to your website connect via FTP to with your username.

Request Access

To request a new hosted website, email me with the website name and your preferred username.


We host domain name services using Bind.


There is no interface to our name servers currently, any changes must come through email to me.

Request Access

To request domain name services email me and have your registrar point your domain name to our name servers :


We provide a wiki for all Cementhorizon users to use running on Mediawiki, the same wiki software which runs Wikipedia.


You can create yourself a user account and add pages as you wish at

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